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Outdoor Planters for Cooler Climates

If you live in a cooler climate, you might think outdoor planters are only for the warmer months. However, with the right plants and materials, you can create beautiful and functional planters that thrive in colder temperatures. Here are some tips for making your DIY outdoor planters for the winter:

 Choose the Right Plants

When selecting plants for your winter planters, look for hardy ones that can withstand colder temperatures. Some great options include:

– Evergreens and conifers
– Winter-blooming flowers like pansies, violas, cyclamen, polyanthus, and heathers

Use the Right Soil

Cactus soil is an excellent option for winter planters, as it provides good drainage and won’t freeze as quickly as regular potting soil. You can also mix in some sand or perlite to improve drainage.

Get Creative with Containers

Winter planters don’t have to be boring! Look for creative containers like:

  •    Galvanized buckets, watering cans, or wash tubs
  •    Vintage milk cans
  •    Urns
  •    Birch logs
  •    Corkscrew willow branches
  •    Yellow dogwood branches
  •    Bittersweet
  •    Goldenrod
  •    Tree bark
  •    Oversized ornaments
  •    Architectural accessories


 Add Some Texture

To make your winter planters more attractive, consider adding some texture with elements like:

  1.  Pine cones
  2.  Lotus pod
  3.  Twig balls

Coordinate Your Colors

While winter may seem like a drab season, you can add color to your planters with carefully chosen plants and accessories. Try coordinating your colors with your container or choosing plants with colorful foliage.

Prevent Overwatering

Overwatering container plants during the winter can be detrimental to their health. To prevent overwatering, make sure to:

  •  Check the moisture level of the soil before watering. Use well-draining soil
    Choose containers with proper drainage holes
    Adjust watering frequency based on temperature and plant type

By following these tips, you can create beautiful and functional DIY outdoor planters for the winter that will thrive in cooler climates. Remember to choose hardy plants, use well-draining soil, get creative with containers, add texture and color, and prevent overwatering. You can brighten your outdoor space with the right plants and containers even in the coldest months.

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