What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Expecting Mamas

This is our second time around packing our hospital bag as we get ready to have baby Haman #2.  I did a lot of research on what to bring the first time around, and for the most part,  I was pleased with what I brought, but I also think I over packed.  This second time around, I have a better idea as to what I’ll need.  Here’s what I’m packing:

I will be using these packing cubes for all of our items. It makes organizing sooo much easier!

Essential Oil Diffuser- Essential oils can have positive effects throughout your birthing experience.  They also help to keep the air smelling fresh after being cooped up for a few days with visitors in and out. This is the diffuser we use. I remember the nurses always commenting on how fresh and lovely it smelled in our room whenever they came in.  Here’s what I’ll be diffusing this time around: lavender, Frankincense, patchouli, and peppermint.

Chargers for electronics– phones, i-pad, laptop, etc.

For Mama

Flip Flops and grip socks- For walking around the hospital and in the bathroom. The hospital will give you their own fashionable grip socks, so if you don’t want to sport those, bring your own.

Nursing Bra- Your boobs may engorge with colostrum and then milk right away or it may take a bit.  Either way, the nurses will strongly encourage you to breastfeed while you’re there.  Having a nursing bra is a must for convenience. These are the ones I’ve used and plan to use again with baby #2.

Robe- It’s nice to be able to throw on and cover up when walking around without your bare bottom showing… even though by that point you don’t care because it feels like the entire birthing unit has seen you down there! This one has great reviews!

My own pillow- or two I packed one to rest my head, and one to keep my body for various uncomfortable positions I would be in throughout my stay.

Going Home outfit- joggers and a loose fitting shirt/ sweatshirt

Comfy pajamas that are also picture friendly– It was important for me to have quality pajamas that were comfortable, and pretty for pictures and with visitors in and out. Here are the one’s I’ll be packing.

My own toiletries- Makeup, travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion.  I also brought my favorite brush and a few hair products.  This might sound unnecessary to some of you, but trust me, that first shower post baby feels amazing!  And it is really nice to be able to use your own toiletries.  Being able blow dry, style my hair, and put makeup on after labor, made me feel like a whole new woman.  It’s also nice to have these items as a just-in-case for visitors stopping by and for pictures, of course.  

For Dad

Change of clothes- Depending how long hubby will be at the hospital with you, he’ll probably want to pack a few clothing changes, some pajamas, and slippers.  Remind him to keep it casual and comfy.

His Own Toiletries- At least his toothbrush and deodorant! 🙂

Snacks– We didn’t go crazy on this one because if we’re honest, we really enjoyed the hospital cafeteria food.  I packed Jake: 

  • Beef jerky, Gum, own refillable water bottle, trail mix, fruit, pre-chopped cold veggies

Optional– blanket and pillow from home for dad if he’s staying at the hospital with you overnight.

For Baby

Baby Outfits- One coming home outfit, one outfit for hospital pictures, and two outfits for baby changes. Optional: bows, headbands, hats

Make sure car seat is installed–  The hospital will not let you leave without it being ready for use.

Receiving Blanket and a few swaddles  The hospital will have swaddling blankets. However,  you might already have special blankets and swaddles that you want to wrap your baby in. I personally love the Saranoni receiving blankets.  We got this one for Rogue.

Optional: A Nurse’s Thank you Basket- We created a nurse’s thank you basket for the nurses to keep in their break room.  It was well received the first time around, and we plan to do it again with baby #2.  Tip:  give it to one of the nurses for them to keep in their break room, so they can take what they like on the go.  My nurse friends have said they feel awkward taking from the basket when it’s in your room. We put a card in the basket to let them know who it was from and which room we were in. I’ve talked to my nurse friends, and they’ve compiled a list of items that they really appreciate:

  •  All things packaged– don’t bring homemade
  •  Gum & mints
  • Chocolates
  • Healthy granola bars
  • Mini Starbucks double shot cans or mini energy drinks
  • Individual trail mix packs
  • A bag of coffee grounds is a nice gesture for the night nurses

Other items that you might think you need but you probably don’t The hospital provides you with a lot of the post partum items for your lady bits.  Pads and mesh undies (to name a few) are frequently restocked in your room for you.  I brought my own stool softener but they will provide you stool softeners upon request.  TRUST ME, you will want to start taking these as soon as you can.

I think I covered everything!  That’s what will be going into my hospital bag.  Ladies who have done this before, or ladies who are planning for the first time, what are your hospital bag essentials for baby?  Post in the comments below!



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