Updating our Dining Space for Spring and Summer

With spring in the air and summer upon us, I decided the kitchen needed a simple refresh. I wanted to add some greenery to the space, which I was able to do by moving the bar cart upstairs and setting an array of plants on it. I also wanted to add light, airy, and cheery vibes. We’ve had a six person long rectangular table in the kitchen since we moved in. It’s a dark espresso wood with a rustic vibe. I bought it from West Elm. We paired it with light oak wishbone chairs, and a leather bench.

This is what we had in the space before.

While I like it to accommodate more people, I needed to make changes to meet two needs: the functionality of our family at the moment, and I wanted to refresh the space. With summer coming, there will be a lot of foot traffic in and out of our patio, which is right off the kitchen. The go to bring some lighter colors into the space while not wanting to spend a ton of money. I assume this will get a lot of use with the kiddos and I already spent a good amount on our West Elm table.

We finally decided to go with a smaller table that seats four, since realistically it has been and most likely will be just us (COVID-19) right now. After perusing on Pinterest and countless furniture sites, I finally found the Tulip Table I was looking for! I bought this white one from Target. I wanted more floor space to accommodate the foot traffic over the summer. It is about 41 inches, and fits perfectly in our kitchen even with the smaller profile. I ordered it a few weeks ago and it just arrived. I didn’t spend a ton of money on it, so I felt good about the purchase. I absolutely still love the wishbone chairs we got from Amazon, so we kept those to pair with the new table.

Tip: I read countless reviews on tables in this price point and sometimes when you’re in this price point, you might sacrifice on quality of product. I read a lot of reviews on many different stores selling similar tables that they scratch easily. So, I bought Rust-o-leum Matte Clear Spray I sprayed four coats of this on the table before bringing it inside. I hope that will prevent some of those scratches.

If you’re looking to update your space for a season, consider updates that are small but make a big impact. For us, purchasing the smaller Tulip table was the answer. We were also able to reuse the bar cart as a plant display which brought a lot of color and cheer to the dining area.

Let me know what you all think!




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