Creating a Cozy Space at Home During the Transition from Winter to Spring

We recently purchased a new home that accommodates our growing family and is closer to my husband’s work. You see, we have lived in apartments for the past 10 years. Our first home was also the size of an apartment, so our apartment size furniture that we’ve always bought, fit in perfectly… until now. While our new house is beautiful, and perfect for us to grow into, it came with the daunting task of decorating it. I still have A LOT to do, but I am finally to a place where I can relax and enjoy what we have done thus far… and focus on getting ready for baby #2! And I cannot wait to show you!

First things first, decide on a general theme for your home. I’ve declared my look, “earthy glam.” I love natural woods, plants, light and airy vibes, with multiple textures. I knew I wanted to keep most of our big pieces of furniture neutral since I find myself changing my mind all the time. If this is you, I highly suggest going neutral on the big items and bringing in pops of color with pillows, throw, etc.

We bought our sectional from Ashley Furniture, and I couldn’t love it more! The color is linen keeping it bright and airy in the living room. The fabric is kid friendly, and we bought the warranty on it so if a glass of wine spills, they’ll come out and replace it with no problem.

I wanted to bring in some luxe and glam to the space, so I made the trip to Homegoods. I found 24×24 large faux fur pillows in cream colors. Then, I paired each pillow with a 20×20 pillow in a casual fabric such as the ones you see here. I paired the pillows with an oversized fur throw that I already had from West Elm.

Next, we needed accent chairs. I love mixing textures, and knew that if I went with a fabric sectional, I would want to break it up with leather. My husband and I unexpectedly came across a blowout sale with West Elm, and scored these beautiful leather chairs right after Christmas! They add the natural element with the wood for the legs, and mixed with the rich leather color, I could not be more pleased!

The other big furniture item we needed was a coffee table. This one took me months to find. I am not kidding you, I ordered three coffee tables and sent them back before I found this one. However, it was worth the trouble and the wait, because this concrete rectangular table is to die for! It adds such a touch of elegance and modernity to the space. I think it is such a statement piece.

Moving onto the kitchen, I was stumped. Ideally, our kitchen would have white cabinets with white marble countertops, but that’s not what we have. So, I was stuck with trying to find a table that fit the space but that also met my stylistic needs. My heart was after a light oak table, and in hindsight, I think we could have done that, but I was nervous to do so. Trial and Error people! We settled on this one from West Elm (linked in a lighter color because they’ve sold out of ours since then), and so far it’s been great! It seats up to 8 and also has an extender built in that lets us seat up to 10-12 when we host big dinner parties (win win).

Our dining wishbone chairs are on Amazon. I was able to incorporate light natural wood elements after all, so I was thrilled! I love the wicker on the seat too! We opted for a leather bench on one side to accommodate kitchen space. I think it all came together really well, and I LOVE the chairs. I still think I might want a rug for under the table to give it a finishing touch, but am undecided.

Once I had these main pieces, I knew the rest of the decorating would consist of random trips to Target, Kohls, and Homegoods, along with some Wayfair and Pinterest shopping to tie everything together. I added some glam and earthy decor mixed throughout the living space to keep with my theme. You can see how I did so below:

I bought this set of Amazon battery operated candles. I found the deco balls, deco bowl, and these two blue and gold plant pots all at Homegoods.

I am most proud of my plant shelf, because I adore plants. They bring life into any space, and I am most proud that I kept all but one of these alive during our move. These were all purchased at our local plant store. The shelves and brackets are from Ikea. The hummingbird picture is from West Elm (purchased a few years ago) and couldn’t find it on their site to link.

Continuing with the earthy glam vibe, I brought in these two paintings created by Kris Kivu. They represent water and land. I love the calm and serene these bring to our space. While my first choice would be to have no children’s items in our adult space, that is just not the stage of life we are in right now. With a busy toddler and another baby on the way, I needed to create a space in our living room where they would be able to play and I can supervise while in the home. Therefore, I found this solution which still looks aesthetically pleasing and serves the purpose of housing our toddler’s toys. I got this shelf and wicker bins from Ikea.

Our mantle was trial and error. I knew I had to layer pieces to get the look I wanted, but finding the right pieces was a challenge. I bought and had to return items a few times, but finally feel like I got it right! — Until I need to switch items out for the next season 🙂 The picture frames are from Target, mirror is from Wayfair, and candle holders are from Amazon. The rest of the items are from Homegoods and random trinkets I had already.

Our entry way is still a work in progress. I do not have pictures to share just yet because it this space makes it look like we literally just moved in! I’ll update this on the blog once the space is finished.

There you have it! I hope by showing you my decorating process for our new home, that it helps you in decorating your home, whether it be just one small space, or an entire main floor! Stay tuned for our bedroom decorating haul that will be on the blog soon!

I love to know your thoughts! Comments or questions? Leave them below!




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