Need a Fitness Program to follow? Street Parking- In Review

I have been following founder, Miranda Alcaraz (@fearlessmiranda), for 3 years now on Instagram, prior to her starting Street Parking. I can’t quite remember how I came across her profile– probably a recommended person to follow through Crossfit. She would talk on her story reel about food, fitness, and other things related to taking care of the body. I found her inspiring. So, I was not surprised when her and her husband started Street Parking 3 years ago.

It took me a few years to sign up, mainly because I was happy in the fitness program I was following at the time. But, in October 2019, I finally decided to join the Street Parking team. I’m hooked, let me tell you why.

Street Parking:

is a platform that offers you the opportunity to workout whenever and wherever you are in your life. Literally. The daily workouts are available to you through an app you can access from anywhere. The idea behind this program is that you can use all the fitness equipment under the sun, OR with your suitcase you traveled with in your hotel room. This program takes out the excuse for skipping workouts and solves the problem of not being able to get to an actual gym. They encourage flexibility by getting creative with equipment. Don’t have a dumbbell? —Grab a backpack and fill it with toiletries for weight. Haven’t worked out in a while, pregnant, post partum, or are recovering from injury? —Street Parking has you covered with their SHIFT program.

is a community that brings people together all over the country. They have an excellent online community with Facebook groups and chats, even meet ups in different cities throughout the United States. The idea that you can workout from anywhere eliminates the need for a gym membership, but it doesn’t take away the need for a community. Street Parking does a great job of creating a sense of community through these meetups and through their online engagement. While I personally have never been to the meetups, I hope to one day.

offers challenges and incentives to keep you moving without the emphasis on competing with others. Street Parking wants you to show up and do “more than nothing.” They want you to keep moving. The point of these workouts is not to make them super time consuming or so competitive with others that you feel you can’t show up if you’re not on your A game. It’s quite the opposite. They preach to show up no matter what, and give what you have. Just move your body, through these 10-20 minute workouts, because consistency built over time produces far better results and more success than becoming burnt out over too intense or overly time consuming workouts when you have life on your plate.

I cannot recommend this community enough. The foundation and principles in which Julian and Miranda have built Street Parking on are long lasting and sustainable. They are real people who have lives, raising two children, running a business, etc. They practice what they preach to their members, which is to do more than nothing every day and you will see results that are built to last a lifetime.

Check them out on Instagram @StreetParking for more information and to see what they’re all about!

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