How I’ve Kept My Fiddle Leaf Fig Alive and Thriving

Meet Rosie. She is my Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. This gal started out at just barely 36 inches high when I brought her her home. She is 3.5 years old. Before Rosie, I actually killed the first fiddle leaf that I had a few years prior. I wanted another one, but I was hesitant. Everything I had read online about fiddle leaf figs was that they were extremely temperamental, and difficult to keep alive. Would the next one I buy meet the same fate? Thankfully, I mustered up the courage to give another lucky fiddle leaf fig a place in my home. And here she is 3.5 years later, totally thriving!

Here is Rosie when I first brought her home (on the left). And here is Rosie, now (on the right).

I thought I would share how I’ve kept Rosie alive for this long, in hopes that it might help anyone struggling with their fiddle leaf fig, or for anyone looking to add this beautiful tree plant into their home. I’m not saying this is exactly how to keep a fiddle leaf fig alive, but I am saying that this is what I’ve done to care for Rosie over the years, and she is definitely thriving.

Here are the Facts and What I’ve Done to Keep my Fiddle Leaf Alive All This Time:

  • She is currently 3.5 years old. I brought her home in the Spring of 2017.
  • I gave her a name at the store before taking her home (Rosie). I recommend naming your baby, and no I’m not kidding.
  • She has been through one house move.
  • She has been pruned three times. Below is a picture of her before (left) and after her most recent pruning (right).
  • When I brought her home, she was barely 36 inches tall. Through the years, she has been as much as 10 feet tall! Below are pictures of her through the years.
  • I used a grow light over her for the first year. She had a grow light on her about 4-5 hours per day most days.
  • She gets watered about once a week consistently year round.
  • I have only fertilized her twice in the whole time I’ve had her. I didn’t use store bought fertilizer. I made my own by simply storing old/ used banana peels in a closed container of water. I kept the covered container in the fridge for a few days, and then poured the “marinated’ banana water into Rosie’s pot. I swear she sprouted about five leaves after that!
  • I’ve only repotted her once. It was probably when she was about six feet tall, and she needed more space in her pot.
  • I always have kept her near a window. In both homes, she has been near an east facing window.
  • I wiped down her leaves with a soft, damp cloth probably once a month in the first year. I have slacked since then. But, I still try to do this every few months or so.
  • I do not move her. I pick a place to put her and she stays there. She has only gotten moved three times within the house in the time I’ve had her. And when I’ve moved her, it hasn’t been a drastic change. For example, I didn’t move her from an east facing window to a south facing window, or into another room that she wasn’t used to.

That’s it! These are the exact things that I did to groom and care for this lovely beast of a lady. I am proud of how she has thrived. I am also proud of myself for keeping her alive for this long. I am glad I took a chance on her, and I think she’s pretty happy I did too 🙂



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