Finding “Me” Time

I originally intended to write this for all the moms out there who are chasing after toddlers, wearing the same sweatshirt three days in a row, and doting around a half nail polish manicure from umpteen months ago… and I still am writing this for you! But, this includes all women who are out there hustling trying to juggle life, whether you’re working 50+ hours a week struggling to keep up, or maybe you’re in a new relationship. Or maybe, you’re practicing social distancing, and you’re feeling like the walls of your house are caving in (I can relate!) We all know its tough when you’re juggling your time amongst everything else on your plate.  

Regardless of what you have going on, let’s talk about the importance of taking care of you. Call it self-care, call it maintenance, me time—whatever you call it, it I’m going to share some tips and tricks on squeezing in some time for you…so you can be your best self!

Identify what it is you need. Think about this statement. “Having time to myself means ________.”  Maybe it’s getting a mani and pedi, or going to the gym.  Perhaps it’s reading a book with no interruptions, or maybe it’s watching your favorite Netflix documentary, or catching up on sleep.  Whatever it is, fill in the blank and identify what it is you need.

Squeezing in Time for You

How are you going to make it happen? Once you’ve identified what you need, you can determine the amount of time that needs to be allotted to do it, and what kind of preparations need to be made.  For example, I have to get a workout in 5-6 days a week.  It is non-negotiable.  With a toddler, and a husband with a somewhat unpredictable work schedule, this means that I can’t just choose any time to workout when it’s good for me.  Therefore, I’ve voiced my need to my husband, and our solution is that my husband gets up and gets our 18 month old ready in the morning and takes him to daycare.  This allows me to wake up, and get to the gym right away with no interruptions.  I am able to get my workout done, and be home in time to start my workday.  

You may rave time to indulge in a TV show (the Bachelor perhaps?) that is on for two hours once a week.  If that show starts at 7 p.m., and you work and have a relationship, this might mean that you offer your partner to have his own night by maybe doing a guys night on Mondays so that you have uninterrupted time to indulge without making him fall prey to your indulgences. This might also mean that you go to the office early on Mondays to get your work done. That way you can be home with dinner done, and ready for the rose ceremony with your bestie (and wine!)

You get the point!

Make it happen

What ever it is that is important to you, try to carve out time to make it happen.  Identify what it is that’s important to you, and make plans for how you can get it done.  Sometimes it takes communication with your partner or others to tag team in order for you to have that time, and that is perfectly okay! Speak up and make it happen! I promise you will be a better person. Not just for yourself but for everyone around you when you take time to fill up your own cup.

What are your indulgences that allow you to feel like you have your “me” time and what are your tips on making it happen?  Please share below!



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