DIY Plant Shelves

This space has always been a spot for my plants because of the sunlight that comes in. I’ve displayed them in various ways over time such as on our bar cart as seen here.

I have other plant shelves in our home but none are to this grand of scale (Below is a picture of some other plant shelves I have).

I wanted to display my plants in a different way than on the bar cart. I was envisioning more space in this area. For example, I wanted to be able to move the bar cart to make more room if needed. I also wanted to be able to use the bar cart for its intended function.

I started looking on Pinterest for ways to display indoor plants. I ended up seeing @lifelovelarson’s DIY for her plant shelves, and I was totally inspired! She’s also a fellow plant lover! She has the best plant collection and always displays them beautifully. She has her own plant wall and I was instantly inspired to do my own. It checked the boxes to everything I was looking to accomplish.

Here’s How I Made my Plant Wall:

I did the shopping. The hubby did the building. I bought the shelves and the brackets from World Market. I love that each of the shelves aren’t cut exactly the same. It adds to their uniqueness. I chose the gold brackets because they add some luxe to the space.

I originally bought four shelves but once I measured the spacing, three shelves looked better. The shelves come in 2 or 3 foot lengths. I went with three feet shelves and it fills our wall space perfectly!

Here is where my hubby came in. He had this all done in an hour. We multitasked. He put up the shelves and I entertained the kids. Teamwork makes the dream work! (This is literally the only way we get anything done— one does the project while the other takes care of the kids). I waited till I put the kids to bed to do the fun part—- decorate my shelves with plants!

I love how it turned out! I love that I can see all of my plants on display! I measured about two feet between each shelf to allow enough space for a variety of big and small plants.

Although, I realized I need some larger plants to fill some of the blank space between the shelves. Shucks, I guess I’ll have to buy more plants!

I also want to fill the space on the blank wall to the right of the shelves. I’ll look for either a piece of art or decor to hang there. This area isn’t completely finished, but I am so happy with the progress so far!

I love sharing these types of updates with you all. If you’re looking to add something like this to your space, feel free to DM me with any questions!



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