DIY Outdoor Planters

I am always looking for things to add to our house. We moved in less than a year ago, so creating a home that looks lived in with your own touch to it, takes time. That being said, I was not looking for planters when I stumbled across two tall wicker planters at Tj Max. Bonus: They were on clearance!

The space by our front door is quite bare right now, so I wanted to add plants, decor, etc. to fill in the blank areas. I was so excited to find these planters on clearance! They were originally a light gray color (which I liked). However, our house is gray and the planters would have blended in to the siding. I had some left over black spray paint from another project, so I decided to spray paint the planters black!

I used Rust-oleum Gloss paint and primer spray paint. I could have done matte, but I already had this one on hand and it turned out just fine. I did a total of two coats with the spray paint, and then touched up a few spots that needed it once it had dried. In the picture below, the planter on the left has one coat of spray pain. The planter on the right is how I bought them in light gray.

This is after two coats. You can see there were a few spots that needed to be touched up with more spray paint.

When deciding what to plant in the planters, I decided to go with Fall foliage. It’s August, and I figured I would be replacing summer flowers with Fall decor within the month anyways. I scored some purple and green grasses that were on sale for 30% off! I also bought some perennials (Echibeckias).

This is the finished product! I love how they turned out! Painting the planters black was a great decision. They add dimension, color, and a bit of sophistication to our porch. I love the contrast that the black adds to our gray siding. I also love how the planters add height to the space. As Fall approaches, I’ll probably add a few pumpkin stems with some tall grasses to the planters. And of course, I will be filling my porch with the pumpkins, scare crows, corn grass, and all things Fall that you can think of 🙂



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