Creating a Kid’s Art Wall in your Home

All of the tape art, coloring, and finger painting we’ve done during quarantine has left piles of artwork collecting in a drawer. Anyone else have a sentimental pull to keep all your child’s artwork? Maybe it’s just me. I wanted to create a space to showcase my boys’ artwork and also give them a sense of pride seeing it on display.

I bought these 11x 14 frames on Amazon, and I thought I would put photographs of my boys as they’re creating their masterpieces (Bridger is only 6 weeks, so his cute, squishy face deserves a spot on the wall too).

Then, I wanted an easy way to swap the artwork in and out since it’s ever changing. I found these clothespin hooks on Etsy by JSKidsGallery. She has a variety of styles, but I chose the rainbow colored clothespins to keep it fun.

This was a super simple project! I enjoy putting the art up on the wall because my toddler points to it when he passes by it to his room. It’s also cool because he can see a picture of himself painting, coloring, creating, or whatever.




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