A Day in the Life

I’ve always been interested in what other people do everyday. How do others choose to spend their 24 hours? It fascinates me! Why? Because maybe they are implementing something that I never thought to do in my day, and I may find that it adds tremendous value! This inspired me to write my own post on how I spend most of my days. My hope is that maybe you can take one or two things away that will benefit you, or if nothing else, enjoy the read!

My day starts off with a habitual morning routine. I wake up around 5:30 a.m. I drink 16 oz. of cold water while reading devotions and journaling. From there, I put on my workout clothes and get our 19 month old ready for daycare. During this time, I always snack on a VERB energy bar (has just enough carbs before a workout and contains caffeine as an added bonus!)

After dropping our toddler off at daycare, I come home and workout in my basement. Being 39 weeks pregnant, my workouts have changed a bit from my normal routine, but right now it looks something like this:

  • 10 minute warmup
  • Street Parking workout of the day (I am currently on their SHIFT program that caters to pregnant and post-partum mamas) — My blog on the Street Parking program can be found here.

Post workout, I make breakfast. It’s the same thing every day: veggie omelette with two pieces of Ezekiel toast topped with ghee.

I will take a shower and get ready for the day, and my work day starts before 9 a.m.

I truly believe in time blocking (I wrote a whole blog post on this here!) and it’s how I structure my day. I carve out chunks of time to get things done within that amount of time before moving on to the next agenda item. With that being said, I will set about three hours of time dedicated to work mid morning as this is where my most creative energy comes from.

Around noon, I take a break, make a smoothie, and will either walk on the treadmill (weather pending), or take our dog, Roofio, for a walk. I usually block 30-40 minutes for this time to reset and stretch. My go-to smoothie recipe that keeps me full and energized for the afternoon can be found in my Instagram stories under Recipes.

Then, it’s back to work! I set aside time for about 3-4 more hours of work with small breaks in between. I always break for a stretch and quick snack to keep my energy levels up in the afternoon. It’s usually something rich in protein, with fat and some carbs. One of my go-to’s is mashed avocado and turkey on some Wasa crackers. Then it’s off pick up our son from daycare and run any errands that may come up that day.

We eat dinner sometimes as a family, but sometimes not, as Jake’s schedule is all over the place. We attempt to eat dinner together at least 3 times a week, and more if we can. Otherwise, it’s usually my toddler and I watching a Disney classic and conversing in toddler jargon 🙂

Our little man goes to bed around 7 p.m., and then it’s my time. My husband and I usually like to binge watch a series, but when there isn’t one, we enjoy talking about the day and plans for us as a family. We are currently into watching comedians. I also love “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” with Jerry Seinfeld. If I have any laundry, house cleaning, or extra work to do, I’ll spend 30 minutes or so doing that. However, my intent after 7 p.m. is to be present with my husband and relaxing before bed.

I ALWAYS do my nighttime skin routine. I don’t think I’ve skipped this routine since I was living in the dorms my first year of college! Skincare is so important to me and wiping away the days’ impurities is a non-negotiable. I will be posting my skincare routine soon, so stay tuned!

Then, it’s lights out between 9 and 10 p.m.

I hope you enjoyed reading what my typical day is like. Of course it varies on weekends depending on church or other events we may have going on. But, during the week, especially, this is my routine that I stick to regimentally. It keeps me on track, feeling productive, and encompasses what is important to me: health, wellness, and family.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear what your everyday routine is–please post in the comments below!



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